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An active Labor Day

So, I’m all about new things lately. New clothes, new hair, and now a new workout. After finally getting through six rounds of my original interval workout, I decided to change things up today. I tried this workout I saw from FitFluential, and it was tough. But I liked that it hardly uses any equipment so I could do it at the gym or at home.

I got through 2 sets instead of 5. I knew the jumping & plyos would be difficult for me with my crappy ankle, so I took it easy on those. Although I definitely have to work up to this one, I was amazed at how much I actually did. I also only did 4 180 jump squats in each set. Those are really hard on my ankle.

In general, this workout focuses more on upper body, so since I lift for upper body on Mondays & Wednesdays, I think I should’ve waited to do this until tomorrow. I also upped all my weights today for strength training, so I am going to feel this all day long.

Currently, I’m lifting:

125# compound rows

70# flyes

85# preacher curls

65# overhead press

65# chest press

I’m back on the “more weight, less reps” cycle. It seems to help me build more muscle and I see results a lot faster instead of yawning through a lighter workout.

I will do this again tomorrow since I’ll do my lower body strength training and then on Wednesday I’ll go back to my upper body strength training and do my original interval workout as a complement.

For the rest of the day, I have friends coming over for a cookout. My daughter has planned a “sports day” for us. Not sure how it’s going to go, but I think she’s going to set up different stations and then we will do different activities like throw a baseball to the pitchback, kick a soccer ball into the goal, throw a football, hula hoop, etc. Should be fun.

Hope you all enjoy the holiday, with friends and family.

UPDATE: I forgot to add my Finish What You Started progress! I earned 25 stars last week. Thanks for keeping me on track, Josie.

4 comments to An active Labor Day

  • You can substitue reg squats for the 180 squats. They did me in! I dud 20 instead of 10 (I thought it was one count for jumping 180 and back). Steve saud each jump counted as 1 so that would explain why I almost yuked! Ha! Glad u got to try it. Try strength for cardio freaks next! That’s another good one! :) videos are under “sweat” at http://www.DoBCx.com :)

  • Donna

    Thanks Bonnie. I have a badly damaged ankle so I tend to baby it. I know I will work my way up to 10, just have to take it slow until I feel comfortable jumping on it. And if each jump counts as 1, then I really did 8, not 4! So maybe I’m not in such bad shape after all.

  • Wow, girl. 25 stars? you blew me out the waters. (and nooo, never told you about my calf but it’s totally cool now.)

  • Donna

    Thanks Josie. A few bonus points definitely helped! I feel like I’m hitting my stride, though. Pushing myself harder w/ the exercise & focusing on getting more fruits & veggies every day.