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Yes, I’m still alive. We are coming up on the big deadline for the magazine, and between that work and my son’s Legion baseball schedule, I am totally overwhelmed, with no time to blog. My exercise has been a little lacking of late, too. But sometimes you just have to pick sleep over movement. So this week was nothing stellar in terms of cardio, but I still ate well, and I made huge progress on deadlines, which means I should have smooth sailing later. Well, let’s all pray for that, at least. I’ve never worked on any publication that didn’t have a nasty last-minute problem rear its ugly head just when you thought you could safely exhale.

Anyway, I’m still kickin’, from my desk chair. I’ve not lost any more weight, but I’ve not gained either. I may fluctuate 1 to 1 1/2 pounds on certain days – which I don’t include on my little weight loss ticker over on the left side bar, by the way – but I can usually chalk that up to salty food or zero exercise. The fact that I’m not packing it back on is a huge victory if you ask me. I know my body, and in the past, I would’ve been up 5 pounds by now, maybe more.

This week has been extremely hectic, but I’m hoping that next week will be better. I tend to hold onto my weight during stressful times, and this certainly qualifies. I’m so close to hitting that 20 pound mark for the year, and really want to get there. I know it’s close. What I need right now is a little push. And some time. And a nap.

4 comments to Breeeeeeeeeathe

  • So glad you are doing well! Don’t want to lay any guilt on you, but I miss you! But I will continue to sit here and wait (semi) patiently for your life to lighten up a bit so you can share more again. :)

  • Donna

    Thanks, Gwen. I miss you, too! It has just been non-stop-crazyass-busy lately. Really looking forward to slowing down a bit. Whenever that may be. The good news is, I’m pretty much staying on track. Not a lot of physical progress (scalewise), but mentally I feel like I’m having an easier time saying no to unhealthy foods, etc. The fact that I haven’t stuffed my face with cake during this stressful time is a victory, and one I definitely recognize.

  • You are doing GREAT! I’ve missed checking in with everyone, so I am going to try to get back in the habit. it definitely helps motivate me when I see others handling the insanity of life! You’ve always been a great example, kudos on maintaining in the chaos. :-)

  • Donna

    Thanks June, that’s so nice of you to say.

    Gwen, I tried to add you on FB (didn’t approve your comment for all to see, in order to protect your privacy). Not sure if I have the right Gwen – no photo on the FB profile.