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A long time comin’

It seems like I start every blog post with, “I’ve been too busy to blog lately.” Probably because that’s the truth. The past several weeks, and especially this past week, have been mindblowingly busy. In a nutshell: baseball schedule, magazine deadline creeping up, two kids to supervise, trying to get ready to go on vacation … it’s been a whirl. And way too much to go into right now, but I’ll give you a few highlights.

First and foremost, as of yesterday’s post-gym weigh-in, I’m officially down 20 pounds for the year. I still seem to be losing in spurts. A couple pounds at a time, and then I just stay there for a while, and then start losing again. Whatever. As long as I’m not gaining, I really don’t care. I didn’t get to this size overnight, so I don’t expect to hit my goal overnight, either.

I’ve remained mostly Primal, especially after learning my lesson at my son’s baseball party. I celebrated 4th of July with a bbq and the only non-Primal food I had was two very small cookies, which I baked and purposely made bite-sized, and a few corn chips to scoop up some dip. It was baked, and too firm to use with veggies, so I allowed myself a total of 3 chips and that was it. The dip was delicious, but the chips tasted gross.

The last two days have been insane. Thursday was a day-long sh!tstorm of interruptions, unfinished tasks, dealing with unpleasant people, and constantly having to drop whatever I was doing to go put out fires. I think my work day ended around 10:30 pm. It started at 7 am. Friday was equally busy, but all of the frenzy and frustration of Thursday morphed into productivity and promise on Friday. My day started with a 4:45 am trip to the gym. My partner had an injury, so I went solo. Got my full workout in while I bopped along to my iPod. Grabbed a yogurt and berry parfait from my local coffee shop and came home for a shower. By 7:10, I was out the door, headed to Boise (30 minute drive) for my mammogram. Finished up there and did a quick errand. Came home to print out some work. Headed out for a 10 am appointment in Nampa (40 minute drive). Got lost. Twice. God bless my boss who took my frantic call and called the person I was meeting to let her know I was going to be late, then called me back to help me get where I was going. Finished up that appointment at 10:45, then stopped at Wendy’s. Made a couple quick calls to get info for articles, left messages. Went into Wendy’s and ordered a half-size salad with spring mix, hard boiled egg, tomato, grilled chicken, bacon, and blue cheese. Used some of the avocado ranch dressing they provided. Yummy, but I’m sure it had a bunch of stuff in it I wasn’t supposed to have. I also ordered a gigantic strawberry iced tea, which was also probably a no-no, but it was hot and I knew I had a long drive ahead of me. As I sat down, one of my sources called me back, so I did his interview. I’m sure the couple sitting at the table behind me really appreciated that. Then I made the drive to my next appointment, a farm/petting zoo with exotic animals waaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the country. Got lost. Twice. Finally got there, did my interview, and headed home. After some snuggles with my kids, I talked to my boss for two hours. He gave me the lowdown on the next magazine we’re about to start working on, and I gave him a progress report on our current issue. And then I was done.

Today, my family got pizza from our local take & bake place. I got two pizzas, since no one can ever agree on anything. And I figured we’d have some for lunch and some for dinner. I happily ate my broccoli and chicken salad. Then I decided to try the pizza. But not in the same way as I did at the party. I took two pieces, and a spoon, and scraped all of the toppings straight down into a bowl, and gave my kids the ‘naked pizza shells.’ I ate mine with a spoon. The kids took the extra shell and folded it around their existing pizza. Everyone was happy.

I’m still blown away by the fact that I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m very happy and proud of that. But at the same time, I feel a little sad, because I am now 1.5 pounds heavier than what I used to call my red flag weight. This is the weight I used to get to and say, “OK, D, time to get moving.” This was the weight where I started to notice that I was developing problems with my knees, back, and hips, plus sleep apnea, and shortness of breath after climbing the stairs. I don’t really have those problems anymore, but I think that has more to do with my level of physical activity than my weight. Still, now that I’m approaching that weight, it’s caused me to reflect and see how far I’ve come.

My next, immediate goal is to lose at least 2 more pounds before I go on vacation in a couple weeks. (Not sure yet when I’m leaving. It all depends on my son’s baseball tournament and my workload.) See, my weight at the start of the year ended in 1.5, so now that I’m at a weight that ends in 1.5 again, I want to drop down into the next range of “10s.” I’ve still got 27.5 pounds until I reach my long-term goal. Not quite halfway there. So my second, immediate goal will be to lose 4 pounds to make it to the halfway point.

I find that fixating on the long-term goal gets me nowhere. All I do is stress about it. Smaller, more easily achievable goals work best for me. So, let’s see how long it takes me to lose the next two pounds, and then I’ll think about the two after that, and then the next two, until I see that goal number on my scale. It might still be a long time, but I know it’s comin’.

2 comments to A long time comin’

  • CONGRATS on the 20 lbs!!!! That’s AWESOME!

    I’m sorry your schedule is still so darned crazy. Awful you have to work and deal at that level for so long! :(

    Yep, in my efforts to become more Zen, I’ve given up on goals. Long term goals are the worst; they really are. Good for you for realizing that!

    Try and not fret about this ‘red flag’ weight. That was a different, much less healthier you then. And that’s why you had so many issues back then that you don’t have now. :)

  • Donna

    Thanks, Gwen. The crazy schedule should wind down in a week or two. And I feel like I’ve gotten a handle on things, just need to survive the last few tasks. Getting there.

    By the way, I tried to friend you on FB, but never got a reply. Could be I had the wrong person. Didn’t see you in the list for members of the Spark! group, so maybe we’ll figure it out another way.