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Fresh start

Got up this morning and made breakfast for my family before my husband went to work. After many way too hot days, we had a nice rain storm last night, and the sprinklers had been on, so everything smelled fresh. I love mornings like this. My favorite thing to do is sit down with my laptop and write while I breathe in that moist, rain-freshened air.

I started to do that, and then I noticed Posey. So I took her for a walk, up to our high school and back. The air was wonderful. I just wish I could get her to stop pulling so hard on her leash. She is still pretty young and gets so excited. I’m afraid she’s going to choke herself one day. Maybe that’s a good sign that we both need to go for a walk more often.

The last two weeks of workouts were very haphazard with my son’s driver’s ed class. So yesterday afternoon, I had him sit down with me and we scheduled workouts in my planner. Then he sat down and wrote out some workouts. So when he got up this morning, shortly after I returned from my walk with Posey, we hit the ‘gym.’ All calisthenics, but it was a good workout. I just need to explain to him that sometimes ladies who’ve had children should not do jumping jacks. If you don’t understand that, I’m not going to go into it.

So, my heart is pumping. Sweat is pouring off my face. I’ve already done some administrative tasks to set up my work day, and I have a phone interview to do in an hour. So now I’m off to get a shower and get on with it.

OH, and I’m on Day 4 of no sugar in my coffee and I haven’t died yet. In fact, I don’t even miss it. Still struggling with some sugar cravings throughout the day, but I know it’s a matter of staying focused. Hopefully this is a good start.

2 comments to Fresh start

  • I tried the no-sugar in my coffee thang. It was so putrid I ended up giving up coffee altogether. It’s been two years now. More power to you, woman!

  • GREAT job! I gotta get back into exercising. I DID dance quite a bit on the trip, but at bars, in a dress with nylons…etc. LOL