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Down, down, down

After struggling for bit with my eating and exercise, an all-too-quick but mostly relaxing camping trip, and then a whirlwind of stress at work, I decided some change was in order. So on 7/31, I joined a weight loss challenge on FB. I don’t normally do these kinds of things, but I was comfortable this time around because … I didn’t know anyone in the group. There are nearly 800 members and they are all incredibly supportive. All different ages. All different starting weights. All walks of life. Nearly all are low carb/Keto. I had flirted with Keto in the past when I started Primal back on April 4, 2013. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I figured there was nothing to lose, except some weight, so I joined. (OH, and it turns out, one of my virtual friends from the blogging world is in that group, but that’s fine. She’s cool and we often share the same point of view/common interests.)

This challenge started just as I got back from that brief vacation, so I thought the timing was perfect. Unfortunately, my work stress began before I returned from vacation. Seriously, if I send an email to everyone saying that I’m taking 48 HOURS off and I would appreciate it if no one called or emailed me during that time, it would be really nice not having my phone go off when I’m camping so you can tell me something that 1) affects me but isn’t my problem to deal with, and 2) could wait until tomorrow.

Yeah … that. And then it just got worse. Crappy turns of events begat more crappy turns of events. And then my workweek concluded with the news that one of our long-time and most beloved clients died unexpectedly last weekend. I had just spent an hour interviewing him a few months ago, trying to keep up with his high energy self, and have exchanged numerous phone calls and emails with him over the past couple months. He was truly one of the nicest, sweetest persons I’ve ever met. And … now he’s gone. It’s a tremendous loss for his company, and anyone who ever had the pleasure of interacting with him. A very surreal ending to a crazy week. I found out late Friday afternoon, and although I still had plenty of work to do, I just quietly took care of a few details and then decided I was done. Emotional overload would be an understatement.

So, I’ve been feeling a bit down, to say the least. And stressed out of my freakin’ mind. Last night/this morning, I got about 3 hours of sleep. The rest of the dark hours were spent churning over everything in my brain at a million miles an hour, worrying and freaking out about things I can’t really change. I stayed home from church this morning and slept for a couple hours, then I took another hour-long nap this afternoon. Finally feeling “right” again, although that stress is still there, just “quiet,” for now.

But, remember that challenge I joined? I was down 2 pounds the first day. Then another pound. And now this morning, I’m down yet another pound. So that’s 4 pounds lost in the past 3 days, just by eating Keto. (I seriously did a double take this morning, thinking I was reading the scale wrong because I didn’t have my contacts in yet.) I can’t even remember the last time I lost weight 3 days in a row, let alone 4 pounds in those 3 days. Shit, I’d be happy with 4 pounds in two weeks.

I started tracking again on Lose It, not my favorite thing to do, but I figured that until I can establish a pattern of consistent loss, I need to pay better attention to my carbs, etc. It’s a good tool, I’ll give it that. I just don’t like feeling the obligation of it.

I think one reason I’ve been successful is that I’d already done Primal and although I had slacked and regained some of my weight from my initial loss, I never went all the way back to the way I’d been eating before. Still no bread, pasta, etc. Still no artificial sugars. So this is more of a fine tuning, using better discipline, and now seeing the results on the scale. Also, so far, no carb flu or other side effects, except for a little tightness in my calves, which I attribute to not enough potassium. So I chowed down on an avocado at lunch, and that should help.

I’m pretty stoked about it. Especially because I haven’t been especially active the past few days. Our town had its big annual celebration yesterday and I walked around the vendors in the park for a while, but that was pretty much the extent of my exercise. Then last night, they had a big fireworks show, and our friends came over to watch. She has a sensitivity to gluten, so while I made s’mores for everyone else, I made her and I some low carb mug brownies. They were warm and yummy and single serve – just perfect. And only 3 net carbs, which was great, because even with that, I was still under 20 for the day.

I’m still fairly shocked that I’ve lost this much weight in such a short amount of time. The goal for this group is to lose 30 pounds by Thanksgiving, so I’ve got 26 more to go to reach that goal. And when I do, I’ll be at a weight that makes it much easier to choose clothes and look stylish. I’m sure I’ll stall out at some point, but with this great start, I need to lose less than 2 pounds per week to meet that goal. And then I’d like to go a little further. I’m not sure how much more, to be honest. 10? 20? 25? I don’t know yet, but my body will tell me when I get there. I’m tall, and no matter how much weight I lose, my chest is not going away. So I tend to carry a little more meat on my frame. I will never be a skinny minnie. Even at my fittest, I looked athletic & strong, but never “skinny.” And that’s just fine, because I really dislike that word. I’d much rather be described as fit, or healthy.

I’m curious to see how this week will go, considering all the stress at work, which is bound to escalate until some changes are made. In the meantime, all I can do is stick with my eating plan and do my best with my workload. I do love my job, but there are certain times when the sheer volume of my workload makes it a bit unloveable. But the good news is that I’ve also planned all Keto dinners this week, or dinners that I can adapt to Keto so my family doesn’t freak out. I know they saw that head of cauliflower in the crisper, and that I planned mashed potatoes one night this week and they all put it together and nearly gagged. What? I love mashed cauliflower. But they don’t. So I’ll make real mashed potatoes for them. And I’ll just be nom nom nom’ming on my mashed cauliflower, and knowing that all the leftovers will be mine.

So, that’s what’s going down in my neck of the woods. How about you?

2 comments to Down, down, down

  • MamaBearJune

    I can definitely relate to the stressful periods when it’s hard to focus on your own health! Sounds like you got back on track and are handling everything very well!

  • Donna

    Thanks June. I know things will be stressful for a while, but hopefully it won’t derail me too much. In fact, I’m heading out to take a walk right now instead of sitting down to do more work on a Sunday night. Might regret that in the morning when I have more work to do, but I won’t regret getting up and moving.